How to Buy Best the CNC Plasma Cutter?

Prior to choosing a CNC Plasma Cutter that suits your needs, there are several factors to consider. This will help you choose the most appropriate plasma cutter for your shop. Here are a few points to help the best CNC plasma cutter.

Size and Thickness of Plates

Since Plasma Cutter CNC models are designed to cut a specific range of various plate sizes, the first thing to decide when you buy one, is the maximum size of plates that you want cut. Along with the plate size, you should also decide on the maximum thickness of plates you need to cut, as some cutters have limits as to the thickness that they can clear.

Working Area

Working area is another important consideration. A simple plasma cutter CNC has enough space for one plate at a time, suitable for low production shops. But bigger shops can enhance the cutter’s efficiency by choosing a bigger table that has space for more than one plate or two separate tables.

Process Tools

Next comes the process tools and this also will depend on the capacity of the plasma cutter CNC model and the right number of fuel stations as well as the plasma torches you need. Since the CNC cutters are regulated by computers, the right software is very important. Choose a program code that can generate programs to operate it, without which the cutter is worthless.

Optional features

There are a lot of these extra features on a Plasma Cutter CNC such as the plasma system, the software, oxy-fuel stations, the table, gantry, dust collectors etc. Buy the ones that can render your shop as profitable as possible, with the cost and benefits in mind. Following these guidelines and you are sure to find the Best CNC Plasma Cutter for your shop.


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