Purchasing High-Quality and Efficient Plasma Cutters

Are you looking for the company that designs and manufactures Computer Controlled Plasma Cutters? Look no further other than Xycorp and the XCSPLASMA line of machines. Since 1979, our company has been designing and building micro-processor controlled industrial automation systems. We have a dedicated staff of engineers and designers that design and build complete systems to cut metal into desired shapes of varying thickness. Our machines are manufactured using high quality components that provide the cutting power, accuracy and ease of use to complete orders as fast as possible.

CNC plasma cutting machine

With years of expertise in the manufacturing business, we’ve developed state-of-the-art Computerized Plasma Cutters that can out-perform our competitors and other cutting technologies. Our machines are now available worldwide and made in our factory in California. Some of the models of plasma cutters that we supply includes: XCS 2000 Plasma Cutter for an entry level model, the XCS 3000 Plasma Cutter with high definition and the XCS 4000 Plasma Cutter with high definition and outstanding capacity. Along with these CNC Plasma Cutting machines, we also develop and manufacture machinery for processing EPS foam.

Some of the features of our plasma cutters are: user-friendly interface, high precision, durable and cost-effective. Our cutters have gained huge popularity over the past few years in industrial applications and thus used for a variety of purposes. With the state-of-the-art Hypertherm power supply it can cut both thick and thin material. Our well-qualified staff and technicians are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. Moreover, we take pride in offering the best technology at affordable prices. From water table to down draft table designs, we offer you a complete line of CNC Plasma Cutting machines.

Due to the fast cutting speeds and great quality, our products are a more efficient and cost-effective solution compared to other cutting technologies such as laser, oxy-fuel and water-jet. Some of the most reputable companies in a variety of industries use these cutting systems. These industries are: ship-building, metal parts manufacturers, steel and welding shops, tank and combustion equipment manufacturers, artists, and equipment manufacturers.


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